Aatash Parikh

Graduate Student @ High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Current Projects

  • Student Purpose in the Classroom

    How can we help students overcome personal challenges to thrive in school and life? Can giving students a deeper sense of purpose improve executive function? 

  • Assessment & Digital Sharing

    How can we more authentically assess our students' learning and growth? And how can we use digital media to document student learning and classroom best practices?

  • View other stuff I'm working on in my inquiry journal.

Recent Projects

  • Orenda: New High School Proposal

    A school model designed to challenge the traditional Silicon Valley notions of success. Semifinalist in the XQ Super School competition.

  • Self-Guided Education Masters

    In 2015 I decided, along with a few colleagues, to do a self-guided study of the field of education to understand the political & social systems, the history of reform, the impact of technology, and most importantly–what role I wanted to play in it all.

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