Aatash Parikh

Graduate Student @ High Tech High Graduate School of Education

My 3 P's

The 3 "P's" are passion, power, and purpose. Passion stands for what you love...what you can't stop talking or thinking about. Power is what you're good at or what unique experiences and relationships you possess. And purpose is what calls you, whether an injustice to correct, a problem to solve, or a community to serve. These are my 3 P's.


Creating / Inventing

I find beautiful the idea and process of creating things from scratch, especially things that solve a problem in an elegant way. It's why I'm drawn to technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

Educating / Inspiring

I love being in a position to be able to share ideas, stories, and knowledge with others. This can be in 1:1 via conversation, 1:20 through a classroom, or 1:infinity via the internet. I feel happiest when I'm able to create insight or spark change for somebody else.


Bridging Gaps

One of my biggest strengths is to make connections between two seemingly opposing extremes. Whether it's translating between two people with differing communication styles, or finding connections between two disparate disciplines, I often find myself in the middle bridging the gap.


I feel that given enough time (and access to Google), I can resolve any technology problem or master any technology.


Mental Health / Well-being

I feel called to help young people address their mental health challenges, while giving them the emotional tools to improve their own well-being and ability to contribute to the world. These are challenges I have encountered in my own life as a young person, and it's something I want to help other young people with.


I want to use my skills, experiences, and interests to shape the system of education in a way that substantially improves how well it prepares all kids for life.